1.  How often should I clean my clothes?

  • Clothes should be cleaned after each wear.  Sweat or food stains will discolor clothing and attract moths.  Clothes oxidize over time and will yellow and the cleaner is it the less chance of permanent damage.

2. Are you responsible for buttons or embellishments on my garment?

  • We try our best to keep track of all buttons and embellishments but damage caused by poor quality or loss due to weak attachment can not be avoided. The best thing to do if you have a unique button or embellishment is to remove it. We will be very upfront about what we can and can not do but we clean clothes not plastic or metal that are attached to it.

3. Can I bring in my dog to your store?

  • Absolutely!!

4. Do you take credit cards?

  • Yes of course! We accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover.  We do NOT accept checks but CASH is most welcomed!! As a small business every penny counts and  because of ever increasing cost of credit card processing fees we greatly appreciate cash over credit card.

5. Do you have a “plant on premise”?

  • Most cleaners that you pass by in neighborhoods are drop offs.  A “plant” is where they do the work on site.  Almost all neighborhood cleaners are not zoned to have a working plant on their premise and therefore are called drop off cleaners. We have an off site plant where we clean only our dress shirts and other washable garments and we service a wholesale plant that passes our quality test to provide you with the best services.

6. Is there someone that can fit me for my alterations?

  • Yes.  However since there may be a time when Maria has to step out please call ahead and schedule an appointment.

7. I totally forgot to pick up my order! How long do you keep my clothes?

  • Legally we are not responsible for orders over 90 days. However we get busy and orders get pushed back and we generally usually keep them for about 6 months.  We don’t always call to remind you or your number may have changed so just come as soon as possible and pick up your order.

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