About Us

Walton Cleaners is a family owned business managed by Maria and Young.   Maria and Young have owned an operated several drop off cleaners as well as a wholesale dry cleaner in the Chicagoland area for over 20 years. Maria has been sewing for over 5 decades and offers exceptional and professional service for all your tailoring needs. They believe in helping Walton Cleaners become THE local go-to place for all your dry cleaning and tailoring needs.  They provide a respectable and honest service and will do their best to address all your needs.

They have recently introduced a reusable garment bag to help keep plastic poly bags out of our landfills.  Avoiding plastic poly bags as much as possible will help our environment tremendously.  When you purchase a reusable garment bag your newly cleaned clothes will be placed there instead of a poly plastic bag when returned to you.  It also doubles as the perfect laundry bag with a cinch closure until your next visit to Walton Cleaners.   Maria and Young will be happy to take back hangers that are still in good standing and put it right back to use!

They have successful run many drop off cleaners and will bring the same professionalism and dedication to Walton Cleaners to help serve you better.

Thank you for your support.

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