Garment Care Tips

  • If you are aware of a stain on your garment please point them out. People may assume that we are responsible for removing all stains but dry cleaning is a very delicate process and stains need special attention and care to assist with it’s removal. We do our best to remove stains but that is not always possible due to several factors such as age of the garment/stain, type of material, etc.
  • Items such as suits should be cleaned together to avoid difference in color due to fading from regular cleaning.
  • We are unable to check through all your pockets of your clothes so in order to avoid possible damage and stains from items left in pockets please make sure to empty all your pockets.
  • Moths exist. And they prefer stained items from food, perfumes/lotions, body order, etc. so in order to prevent damage please clean your clothes before cleaning. They lay eggs on natural fiber clothes and will eat away it’s fibers causing damage not readily visible. Cleaning garments that have been infested with moth larvae will agitate the areas attacked and open up during the cleaning process and can appear as holes that you may not have been visible when you dropped it off.
  • Aside from moth damage, cleaned items will also help prevent oxidation while in storage. Any amount of light, natural or closet light, can cause oxidation of stains resulting in permanent yellowing of your garments.
  • Dry Cleaning is a water LESS cleaning process so it does not remove body odor as as readily as water laundry does. But frequent cleaning and proper hygiene can help. Here are some other tips to help with odors for your laundry at home.
  • Please do not store cleaned items in plastic bags. Once you arrive home with your freshly cleaned clothes, remove it from it’s plastic bag (or better yet purchase a reusable garment bag) before hanging in your closet. Plastic can capture moisture and create the perfect warm and moist environment for mold.

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